After attacking Pearl Harbor 
a young Japanese fighter pilot 
crashes on a Hawaiian island 
he thought was uninhabited.  

He was dead wrong.


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GENRE:   Feature-length Adventure/Drama (Historical, War)
TIME:        December, 1941
PLACE:    Ni'ihau, Hawaii’s Forbidden Isle

SCRIPT:   102 pages,  WGA Registered.

Isolated from the outside world and unaware of Pearl Harbor's devastation, Hawaiians on the forbidden isle of Niihau welcome a Japanese fighter pilot after he crashes into their village.  But a smart Niihau rancher suspects the menacing truth about their surprise guest and rallies the villagers to send him away.

Instead, the pilot preys on the patriotism of Niihau’s Japanese-Americans to terrorize and capture the island for Japan.  When a fearless Hawaiian cowboy and his wife stand up to the pilot’s brutality, and all of Niihau rises to defend itself against the invader, claiming America's first victory of World War II.

But in Washington, the fateful events on a tiny island half a world away proved to them that Japanese-Americans weren't to be trusted.  A quarter million U.S. citizens were ordered into internment camps, ushering into history one of America's darkest chapters.